Milford’s chairman and head coach, Dr. Xanti Pupuma, a medical practitioner, orchestrated a surprising victory that set social media abuzz with discussions among passionate football fans. Despite being a struggling Motsepe Foundation Championship club, they managed to outplay the much higher-ranking Amakhosi, finishing just one point above the relegation zone in their division. Dr. Pupuma, a former Kaizer Chiefs fan who switched allegiances when he co-founded Milford FC, led his team to an outstanding performance in the Nedbank Cup, captivating fans and online communities with their unexpected triumph. The revelation of Dr. Pupuma’s full-time career as a gynecologist in addition to his role as the club’s chairman and coach sparked a flurry of reactions on social media, with some praising his versatility while others joked about the unique combination of his professional roles.

Despite the surprise victory, some fans took the opportunity to taunt the losing team, with one suggesting that the defeated team lacked backbone. Others even made tongue-in-cheek suggestions for the Kaizer Chiefs to consider employing Dr. Pupuma and Milford FC’s standout goalkeeper, who earned the Man of the Match title. Overall, Dr. Pupuma and Milford FC’s impressive achievement grabbed the attention and admiration of football enthusiasts, sparking lively conversations online.

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