The article discusses how English Premier League player James Ward-Prowse was impressed by the free-kick abilities of South African players Aubrey Modiba, Ronaldo Maarman, and Keagan Dolly. Ward-Prowse, known for his own proficiency in free-kicks, was particularly impressed by the skills displayed by these players. Ward-Prowse is considered one of the most prolific free-kick takers in the English Premier League, having scored 17 direct free-kicks, just one shy of the record held by David Beckham.

He was left impressed by the performances of Modiba, Maarman, and Dolly, and is considering implementing some of their techniques in his own game for his club in East-London. Specifically, Ward-Prowse praised Dolly’s set-up and execution, as well as Modiba’s strike against Cape Town City for its quality. He also lauded Maarman’s strike, rating it as the best of the five he witnessed due to the power and shape behind the shot.

Overall, the article highlights Ward-Prowse’s admiration for the free-kick abilities of these South African players and how he may incorporate some of their techniques into his own game.

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