The duo was interviewed by SA sports journalist Philasande Sixaba and discussed the highs and lows of their successful football careers, as well as their passion for the game. They touched on navigating the difficulties of playing football at the highest level and recounted how their love for football started at a young age.

Swart and Vilakazi also delved into their personal experiences with the sport. Swart revealed that during her developmental years, she had most of her focus on cricket and did not see herself pursuing a career in football.

However, she eventually left her home at 14 to further her sporting ambition at the TUKS Sports High School. Vilakazi, on the other hand, disclosed that his passion for the game started around ages 4-5, influenced by the kasi football culture in Soweto as well as his uncle and brother, who played the game.

He emphasized that his passion for the game was a gift and that it spoke to him. He expressed how playing with older people from a young age helped him gradually improve his skills.

Both athletes expressed that, despite the challenges and uncertainties of their careers, they still find enjoyment and passion in the game.

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