Marcelo, currently playing for Fluminense in Brazil, recently celebrated his son’s contract extension on social media. He congratulated his son with a message that emphasized joy, work, and responsibility. Marcelo’s tweet also included a link to a video showcasing Enzo’s accomplishments. According to *Forbes*, Enzo has signed a new contract with Real Madrid, despite his previous one not expiring until 2026.

This move reflects how highly valued the teenager is at Valdebebas. Enzo, who is 14 years old, joined Real’s youth system in 2017 and is reported to have scored 105 goals. Notably, he achieved a 20-minute hat-trick against Atletico Madrid for the club’s Infantil A side. Enzo is considered one of the academy’s top young players, with the Spanish outlet *Marca* labeling him a “goal machine.”

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