The club announced this week that Xavi has changed his mind and will remain in charge next season after a conversation with the hierarchy. According to Spanish publication Sport, discussions between Xavi and the club were focused on improving communication between the managerial team and administration. The report adds that Xavi received a positive response from Laporta and the board regarding reinforcing the squad next season to compete on all fronts once again.

Despite plans to strengthen the squad, the club’s ability to do so hinges on offloading players to generate funds for the upcoming season. Laporta revealed in a press conference on Thursday that the club is working hard to ensure the team can bring in new players. He stated, “We are working to try to achieve the 1:1 rule to be able to incorporate players.

The other day La Liga congratulated us for the efforts we are making to reduce the wage bill. At the end of this season, we are pushing for operations to achieve the 1:1.” The reported discussions with Xavi and the club also highlighted the need for improved communication and collaboration between the management and administrative teams.

The announcement of Xavi’s decision to remain in charge comes amidst a goal to reinforce the squad for the upcoming season, with the club’s plans to challenge on all fronts once again. The club’s efforts to strengthen the team for the next season involve the necessity of offloading players to generate funds, as highlighted by Laporta during a recent press conference. The club’s push to achieve the 1:1 rule and reduce the wage bill has been acknowledged by La Liga, as Laporta shared in a recent statement.

This push includes ongoing operations to meet the 1:1 goal.

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