The individual discusses her journey in the business world and how she has managed to create her own path to success. After completing her education, she spent time traveling before determining her career path. She studied in the UK for four years and worked in two jobs in order to support herself. Upon returning to South Africa in 2007, she gained experience working as an admin clerk in the government for a year to build her resume and become familiar with the local work environment.

During the 2010 World Cup, she established her first business in the construction industry and later expanded into events planning and management. Her grandfather’s success served as a source of inspiration for her, motivating her to build upon his business acumen and carve out her own niche. She strategically selected subjects related to business, accounting, and marketing during high school and applies her faith in everything she endeavors. Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, she felt compelled to take action and initiated her latest business venture, LM Floral.

This new endeavor has posed both excitement and challenges, encouraging her to be more innovative. She was determined to establish her own infrastructure early in the business to avoid reliance on external equipment providers, in line with her perfectionist tendencies. As a result, she now proudly owns her infrastructure. However, the process of planning and execution demands extensive hard work and a hands-on approach.

It is essential to possess the ability to engage clients with high expectations and restricted budgets, while striving to continuously learn and improve in her craft.

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