EA FC 25 is set to feature a complete AI overhaul, impacting multiple areas of the game such as the popular career mode, pro clubs, and Volta Football. A report from *Sports Gamer Online* indicates that the rumored AI overhaul will result in AI players becoming more intelligent than in previous titles and adapting to different situations on the pitch.

According to the report, the AI will now be able to read danger from incoming counterattacks and adjust its defensive tactics accordingly. In the previous title, *EA FC 24*, AI players in career mode displayed different behavior compared to those in Pro Clubs, with the latter running away from attackers, allowing them to run in on goal.

Curtis Russell from *Sports Gamer* expressed appreciation for EA Sports’ efforts to improve this area of the game, given the inconsistent nature of AI players in previous titles. The reported changes include AI players acting more intelligently in career mode, anticipating the player’s next move reasonably well, and pro clubs AI that has been massively improved.

Additionally, AI players are expected to remember past events, contributing to a better game flow.

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