The chairman of Dynamos, Vincent Chawonza, criticized Billiat for allegedly being poorly advised. According to Chawonza, Billiat’s reliance on the advice of others led to his dismissal from the club.

Chawonza expressed his belief that Billiat paid too much attention to the guidance of individuals who were providing him with misguided advice. Chawonza’s comments indicated that he believed Billiat’s actions had been influenced by the counsel of others, which ultimately led to negative consequences for the player.

As a result, Dynamos decided to relieve Billiat of his duties. Chawonza’s remarks suggested that he felt Billiat’s trust in the wrong advisors had impacted his performance and decision-making, ultimately affecting his position within the club.

These developments further strained the relationship between Billiat and Dynamos, ultimately leading to the club’s decision to part ways with the player.

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