TS Galaxy has been one of the top teams in the DStv Premiership this season, and this success should not come as a surprise. The team has been under the guidance of coach Sead Ramovic for the past three seasons, and they have maintained a consistent squad that has evolved into a well-oiled machine. One player who has been crucial to this success is Thato Khiba, a former Marumo Gallants player who has excelled in his natural position as a midfielder for The Rockets.

Khiba’s impressive performances have mirrored his form from last season, and he has been a key figure for the Mpumalanga-based side. He credits the support from the coach, technical team, and his fellow players for helping him feel at home. TS Galaxy’s success in the DStv Premiership can partly be attributed to the stability provided by coach Sead Ramovic, who has been at the helm for the past three seasons.

This continuity has allowed the team to develop a consistent and cohesive squad, with players like Thato Khiba proving to be instrumental in their strong performances. Thato Khiba, a former Marumo Gallants player, has seamlessly transitioned into his role as a midfielder for TS Galaxy, earning the nickname ‘General’ due to his exceptional performances on the field. His abilities have greatly contributed to the team’s success this season, and he has continued to showcase the same level of form that he displayed with Gallants in the previous season.

The support system at TS Galaxy, comprised of the coach, technical team, and players, has been instrumental in fostering a positive environment for Thato Khiba. He has expressed that he truly feels at home within the team, attributing much of his success to the cohesive and supportive atmosphere provided by his fellow teammates and the coaching staff.

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