Morton recently addressed the issue of PSL clubs buying the statuses of other teams, expressing his concerns about the sustainability of this practice. In a video shared on social media, he emphasized the negative impact of clubs being bought out and stripped of their identity, leading to the loss of historic clubs and the displacement of their support bases.

Morton lamented the changes in the DStv Premiership table since the 2013/14 season, highlighting the rebranding or disappearance of five teams, including Bidvest Wits and Bloemfontein Celtic, which deeply affected him and other South African football fans. The sale of Wits and Bloem Celtic struck a chord with many fans, as they expressed their dismay over the loss of their favorite teams’ identities, heritage, and history.

The impact on the development structures of these clubs was particularly poignant for some, and the sentiment was echoed by other fans who struggled to reconcile with the changes and the erasure of their beloved teams’ legacies. The collective response from fans reflects a deep sense of loss and disillusionment with the trend of clubs being bought, rebranded, or relocated.

The resulting fragmentation of support bases and disconnection from the original club identities has raised valid concerns about the future of South African football and the ability of its fanbases to thrive amidst such significant upheaval.

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