Thabo September, a former defender at SuperSport United, had a secure job working with the club’s DStv Diski Challenge side. Despite the comfortable position, he made the bold decision to accept a job at Chippa United, known for the unpredictability of its coaching staff due to the trigger-happy chairman, Chippa Mpengesi. This move was seen as a big risk, but one that could potentially help build his character. Thabo explained that he doesn’t like to stay in comfort and always seeks out new challenges.

He expressed his willingness to adapt and take on new roles, drawing on his experiences as a player when he was asked to play in different positions. Thabo had initially planned a five-year tenure with SuperSport, focusing on the DDC, but circumstances changed, and he saw joining Chippa United as an opportunity to return to where his career began — the Eastern Cape, playing for Bush Bucks. This decision symbolized a new chapter in his coaching career in the topflight PSL. By embracing this new opportunity, Thabo showcased his determination to seek out new challenges and not remain stagnant, ultimately embodying his belief in continuous growth and development.

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