Chamanga shares the excitement of learning that someone has matched his record of scoring five goals in one game. He expresses his joy in hearing that his name is being remembered for his achievement. Chamanga also expresses his wish for the other player to be celebrated just as he has been in the years following his own accomplishment. He believes that this achievement will open new opportunities for the other player, just as it did for him and his family.

Chamanga reflects on how his own achievement changed his belief about his career and opened doors for him to move to Europe for trials and eventually to China. He predicts that the other player will also have opportunities for trials in Europe or receive a better contract from a club. Chamanga emphasizes the significance of scoring five goals in a match and considers it a miraculous event, attributing it to divine intervention. He believes that this accomplishment will have a lasting impact on the other player’s career, just as it did for him.

Chamanga also reveals that he will be retiring from professional football once his contract with Red Arrows, the Zambian champions, expires next year. He expresses his desire to end his career on a high note and leave lasting memories.

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