A woman from Nyanga in Cape Town is heartbroken as she alleges her family is siding with a pastor who she claims raped her daughter. The 36-year-old mother explained that she lost her job in 2022 and her sister, who is married to the pastor, approached her and asked if her then-11-year-old daughter could live with them.

“I didn’t have a problem because she is my sister, and the husband is a pastor. My daughter loves church a lot, so I thought the environment was good for her.

My sister also said since I had lost my job, the burden was now big for me, so she was helping me,” she said. The mother’s heartache comes from her claim that her daughter was raped by the pastor.

She feels abandoned by her family, who she says are supporting the pastor instead of standing by her and her daughter during this difficult time. This situation has left the woman feeling betrayed and alone, as she seeks justice for her daughter and a sense of support from her family.

The woman’s story highlights the emotional and complex nature of the situation, as she navigates her feelings of grief, betrayal, and the pursuit of justice for her daughter.

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