The Algerians’ main point of contention was that Berkane’s jerseys had an outline of the nation of Morocco on it, and included within that outline was a territory called Western Sahara. This region has been highly politicized since the 1970s and because of the sensitivity pertaining to the region, Algerian authorities deemed it inappropriate that the Orange Boys display it on their kits. According to *La Gazette Du Fennec*, the Algerian Football Federation is not happy with CAF’s decision, with their president, Walid Sadi, taking the issue to FIFA’s Ethics Committee.

Sadi believes that African football’s governing body is in direct violation of FIFA statutes by legitimizing Berkane’s regalia. As per the same report, FIFA’s rules state that “a decorative element must not (…) represent the face or identity of a person, the shape of a country or territory or give the impression of it”.

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