Chemical treatments for hair such as relaxers and perms alter the natural curl pattern of the hair to create a straightened effect. This can result in smooth, sleek hair that is versatile for various hairstyles including weaves, wigs, extensions, and tong-curled looks. However, chemically treated hair requires extra care and attention beyond standard oil moisturizers. To maintain the health and strength of chemically treated hair, proper moisturizing is essential.

Regular conditioning is crucial for moisturizing the hair to restore shine and strength. Deep-conditioning treatments are recommended, but should be limited to no more than twice a month for regularly conditioned hair. It is also important to keep the hair moisturized by incorporating protein-rich conditioners. Weekly shampooing and conditioning are fundamental to maintaining chemically treated hair.

After applying conditioner, covering the hair with a plastic cap and allowing it to penetrate the hair shafts under a dryer can help to soften the hair and restore natural oils. Finally, using a water-based moisturizer is key to maintaining proper hydration. To prevent over-drying the hair, experts suggest co-washing, which involves cleaning the hair with conditioner instead of using shampoo too frequently. Additionally, when applying heat to the hair, it is important to use a heat-protectant product to avoid weakening and brittleness caused by over-processing.

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