Skincare ingredients can be beneficial for the health of your scalp. Hero ingredients such as collagen, peptides, aloe, caffeine, and vitamin C are gaining attention for promoting scalp health and overall hair hydration. Many shampoos now include shea butter and various oils to provide nourishment for the hair and scalp, offering protection against environmental factors. Vitamin C not only protects the scalp from sun damage but also improves hair growth, reduces hair loss, fights dandruff, and maintains scalp health.

Peptides, which are chains of amino acids, have the power to transform hair length and thickness. They stimulate collagen production, improve hair growth, decrease scalp inflammation, and prevent hair breakage. Micellar water, containing tiny oil balls suspended in water, helps absorb dirt and oils and provides deep cleansing without over-drying, purifying the scalp and promoting hair health. It also offers moisturizing benefits and strengthens and softens hair.

Collagen acts as an antioxidant, fighting free-radical damage and slowing down the greying process. Chemical exfoliation can help increase cell turnover, beneficial for those with dandruff, dry or oily skin. AHA and BHA, such as citric and salicylic acids, are good exfoliants to look out for, as they help reduce flakes and prevent clogged follicles.

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