Reports have indicated that club officials are planning to meet with a former Barcelona midfielder and captain to discuss the possibility of him continuing with the club. They believe that this discussion could yield positive outcomes.

The plan, according to the news outlet, is to retain Xavi, who is 44 years old, until 2025, and then consider making moves for either Mikel Arteta, Luis Enrique, or Guardiola. The potential motivation for Barcelona to pursue these managers is their strong connections to the club, with all three of them having been part of Barcelona in various capacities at some point.

Luis Enrique and Guardiola were notable players for Barcelona, and Arteta emerged from the club’s youth academy, later spending much of his career in England. It has been suggested that the availability of the three managers next year could be significant, as their contracts at Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester City, and Arsenal are set to expire in June 2025.

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