Experienced midfielder Andile Jali, currently a free agent, is considering his next career move. Retirement is a possibility for the 34-year-old player, who recently left Moroka Swallows. Although there have been talks of a comeback, retirement is still on the table. Should Jali decide to continue playing and find a new club, his agent Makaab is confident that Jali will be in great shape, emphasizing that they will work together to prepare him for the new season.

Makaab, who knows Jali well, mentioned that they have discussed Jali’s future and will support him if he chooses to continue playing. However, Makaab also pointed out the importance of Jali’s full commitment to the sport, indicating that unless he is fully focused on football, he will not make any commitments. Despite this, Makaab believes that Jali still has the desire to continue, emphasizing the positive memories he has left and expressing confidence in Jali’s potential to continue his career.

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