On April 11, 2024, Ben Motshwari of AmaZulu FC participated in the AmaZulu FC media open day at Kings Park in Durban, South Africa. During the event, Motshwari expressed that he had shifted his focus to Usuthu, where he had spent the past year, and did not dwell on facing his former employers. He mentioned this during the Nedbank Cup media day in Durban.

Motshwari emphasized that he did not want to dwell on the past, expressing his belief that the team’s personnel had changed, but their style of play had not changed significantly. He also highlighted the capabilities of both teams’ players and their potential to make a difference in the upcoming game. Additionally, he acknowledged his team’s recent struggles with scoring goals and their efforts to change their luck through training.

Motshwari expressed his team’s intention to approach the upcoming match with a proactive mindset, not settling for a defensive strategy but rather aiming to go on the offensive and secure a victory.

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