Patrice Motsepe recently spoke during the funeral service of the late Alex Goldfinger Shakoane at Mamelodi International Assemblies of God Church on May 16, 2023 in Pretoria, South Africa. He emphasized the importance of ensuring that football players are well compensated for their efforts and making wise financial decisions for their future stability.

Motsepe announced the introduction of the African Football League, reflecting on the Motsepe family’s lengthy involvement in football and their desire to give back to the people of South Africa and Africa. He also revealed a $10 million donation to schools football on the African continent from the Family Foundation, aiming to develop exceptional talent and provide good salaries for players, coaches, and club employees.

He encouraged players to make the most of their short football careers by prioritizing their financial well-being and making investments for the future. Motsepe shared his observations from his time as president of Mamelodi Sundowns, emphasizing the importance of players investing their earnings for life after football and avoiding financial struggles that many former players face.

Motsepe expressed his commitment to paying African players competitively and highlighted the potential to rival the salaries offered in European leagues, particularly in the Scandinavian countries. He emphasized the significance of ensuring that African players can earn salaries that compete with those in other countries.

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