Fans were treated to a stunning light show, eye-catching fireworks, and a mix of old and young musicians taking to the stage to belt out their catchy anthems. Highly-rated Ivorian musicians Team Paiya performed one of the tournament’s theme songs, “Coup du Marteau” which translates to “Hammer Blow” in English. The high-tempo track by Producer Tam Sir, featuring Team Paiya kept the energy levels nice and high before kick-off in Abidjan.

Veteran Ivorian reggae star Alpha Blondy received a rapturous reception when he entered the stage, with the crowd enjoying his cult hits. The 71-year-old muso was followed by Cote d’Ivoire’s contemporary stars Serge Beynaud, Roseline, and Didi B, who had the fans dancing along to their awesome tunes. A youth choir of 123 children captivated the fans in Abidjan with their cover of the official AFCON 2023 song “Akwaba” by Yemi Alade, Magic System, and Mohammed Ramada.

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