Rafael Leão, known for his exceptional skills on the field and creativity, embodies the new generation of stylish footballers aiming to make a lasting impact on football culture. He captivates AC Milan fans with his blend of strength, agility, speed, and charisma while wearing the iconic number 10 jersey. The new collection featuring Leão draws inspiration from surfing, ocean waves, family, and streetwear fashion, and includes intricate details inspired by his goal celebrations and the phrase “We go” along with a surfer emoji.

In an interview with AC Milan’s media team, Leão expressed his deep connection to the club and how it has allowed him to nurture his passions outside of football, such as music and fashion. The ACM x RL10 line is a significant milestone for him, as it reflects his personality and serves as a platform to inspire others to pursue their dreams. The collection, designed for the European summer, perfectly captures Leão’s laid-back, surfer aesthetic with striking colors and graphics.

The limited range of garments in the capsule includes graphic tees in black and white with red and teal details, as well as a hood and an American Football-inspired jersey bearing the inscription “RAFA 10” on the front.

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