The recent performances of the Abha football team have been mixed. They managed to secure a 2-1 victory over Al-Fateh but also suffered heavy defeats, including an 8-0 loss to Al Nassr, a 5-0 defeat to Al Shabab, and a 4-0 loss to Al-Okhdood.

The team’s coach, who has experience winning the CAF Champions League three times, was appointed at the beginning of the year with the specific goal of keeping the team in the Saudi top division. Despite the recent struggles, the team has another chance to climb out of the relegation zone in their upcoming match on Friday.

According to *Al Watan*, the coach has been focusing on intense tactical training, particularly in areas such as defensive strategies, quick counter-attacks, and putting pressure on the opposition’s ball carriers. The coach is determined to help his team escape relegation and has been working hard to prepare the players for the upcoming challenges they will face in their bid to remain in the top division.

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