The three nations have good relations outside of football, allowing them to agree on submitting a joint bid for the World Cup. The organization of the event has been relatively conflict-free, with one notable point of contention arising early on. Namely, the debate over which country would host the opening match and the final. The semi-finalists of the 2022 FIFA World Cup are advocating to host the final, as they plan to construct the Grand Stade de Casablanca, potentially the world’s largest stadium.

However, concerns have been raised within the country that they may not make it that far in the competition. These concerns have led to discussions about the potential benefits of hosting the opening match, as it would mean the home team, the Atlas Lions, could benefit from the support of the home crowd. It is anticipated that the local organizing committees of the three nations will engage in discussions to address this issue. However, these discussions are not expected to escalate, and a decision is likely to be reached promptly based on a report by *Jeune Afrique*.

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